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Sophomore Living Experience Option Added to 2023–24 Housing Application

Instead of scrambling to form large groups to live in Walsh Hall, rising sophomores can now apply to the Sophomore Living Experience, a program where selected pairs will be placed in Walsh Hall quads or eight-mans with randomly assigned suitemates. 

“If you are someone who is interested in selecting one roommate, developing relationships with new students, and confirming your housing assignment prior to room selection, this is for you,” the 2023–24 housing application reads.

When filling out their housing applications, rising sophomores can opt in or out of the program. Students may indicate their preference for a four- or eight-person suite in the application.

“You are able to select one friend to live with you within a 4 or 8 person suite, and then the housing assignments team will assign your other suitemates,” the application reads.

The new program aligns with the findings of a residential experience survey conducted earlier this school year that covered a wide range of topics, including preferences regarding room selection, according to the housing application.

“In line with these findings, the department is excited to offer a new housing opportunity for rising sophomores,” the application reads.

Lucinda Lu, MCAS ’26, does not know anyone applying to the program, but she thinks it will allow students to meet new people.

“I think it’s a good idea for people who don’t know who they want to room with yet, or who are exploring possibilities,” Lu said.

Camryn Hughes and Brooke Adams, both MCAS ’25, said they believe the Sophomore Living Experience program will be helpful for people with smaller housing groups.

“We actually think it might be really helpful because it’s kind of unrealistic to assume that a large—maybe some freshmen do—but that a large amount of freshmen actually have a group of, like, seven other friends that they’ve made where they’re all friends with each other and that it’s actually going to end up working out,” Hughes said. 

Adams said she was part of a group of six that found another two roommates to form an eight-man last year. If a program like the Sophomore Living Experience was an option when she was going through the housing process, Adams said she would have opted in to it.

“I think that if that kind of thing had been available, we would have used it,” Adams said.

The housing application explained that room assignments will depend on how much space is available in Walsh, as well as demand from students. Those who opted in to the program will know if they have been approved to live in the community by Feb. 24—before room selection begins on March 13.

“On March 13th, when room selection starts, students will be able to see the rooms they were assigned to, including all roommates and suitemates,” the application reads.

If students get placed into the community, their housing assignment will be final, meaning they cannot switch rooms or leave the program.

“Once you opt in to this program by the enrollment deadline of February 3, Residential Life will assign you into a housing assignment in Walsh,” the application reads. “This assignment will be final. The department, therefore, cannot approve any room changes or approve any students leaving the New Sophomore Experience.”



January 27, 2023