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You Are What You Drink (Out of): What Your Water Bottle Choice Says About You

As advocacy for environmental protection and sustainability has increased in recent years, I’ve noticed a notable influx in reusable water bottle use. Over the last few months, certain “trendy” water bottles emerged on social media. Influencers carry expensive—and usually massive—water bottles as if they are designer purses. People form deep emotional attachments with their bottle of choice. The water bottle craze is skyrocketing in popularity.

The water bottle you choose from the vast array of options can reveal a lot about you. While there are endless water bottles on the market nowadays, I’ve identified some of the most popular styles at Boston College and what they say about those who carry them.

The Hydro Flask:

If you sport a Hydro Flask as your bottle of choice, you definitely fall into the “flashy water bottle” category. You’re bubbly and personable, and you probably went to sleepaway camp growing up. You’re probably way too emotionally attached to your Hydro. The greatest sign of excessive attachment is putting hundreds of stickers—which usually symbolize elements of your personality—on your bottle’s exterior. Despite being made of stainless steel, your Hydro Flask is probably severely dented and scraped like you’ve gone into battle with it. In fact, you probably would go into battle with your Hydro Flask, as it practically never leaves your side.

The BlenderBottle:

If your go-to water bottle is a BlenderBottle, you definitely partake in the “gym bro” culture here at BC, and you want everyone to know it. You probably work out at the Plex every day—bonus points if the dreaded third floor is your favorite spot—and you likely have a collection of locker room post-workout mirror selfies in your camera roll. Your water also has a permanent aftertaste from the pre-workout or protein powder you mixed in your bottle last week.

The Plastic Disposable Water Bottle:

If you still rely on plastic water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day, you’re definitely a bit behind the times. You’re undoubtedly convenience-oriented and frequently in a rush, so you grab a water bottle from the vending machines on your commute. An anomaly amid the modern water bottle craze, you probably look down on the people who drop $80 on a flashy, fancier vessel. You’re also not super environmentally conscious––it’s 2023! Do the planet a favor and purchase something reusable.

The Stanley:

If you own a Stanley—congratulations! You are the bottle craze’s latest victim. You definitely keep up with the trends and are easily influenced by others. In fact, your favorite TikToker likely inspired you to purchase one of these bottles. Unlike the plastic water bottle users, you are drawn toward flashy items rather than conventional ones. Yes, the Stanley can fit in a cup holder, but carrying it is basically the equivalent of lugging around a small child. You also drink a lot of water—the most popular Stanley bottle boasts an impressive 40-ounce capacity. This purchase practically cost you an arm and a leg, as the 40-ounce Stanley averages a price of around $70 on Amazon, so you probably sway on the impulsive, slightly irresponsible side when it comes to spending.

February 2, 2023