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CSOM Unveils Two New Programs for Students Within Other BC Schools

The Carroll School of Management has launched a general business minor as well as an intensive summer coding boot camp geared toward non-business majors.

The general business minor, which launched this spring, is for Boston College students outside of CSOM who want a broader understanding of management and hope to develop skills in accounting, finance, marketing, and more, according to its website.

“The minors that we launched in 2018 were all meant to kind of dive a little bit more deeply into a functional area of business,” said Ethan Sullivan, senior associate dean of undergraduates at CSOM. “And I think now we just think the timing is right to offer another alternative, a broader approach.”

Students in the program will first take Introduction to Financial Accounting, according to Sullivan, and they will then choose five of the eight courses offered—including Business Law, Principles of Marketing, and Coding for Business, among others—to complete the minor. 

“I mean, the fact of the matter is that anybody who’s going to work after graduation is going to work for some sort of organization—for-profit or not-for-profits,” Sullivan said. “You know, whatever it is, they’re going to be working for an organization, and these types of management skills and classes will prepare folks for whatever role they might have.”

Starting this summer, CSOM will also now offer Jumpstart into Coding, a new summer coding bootcamp for non-business students with no prior coding or programming experience, according to its website.

Sullivan said the three-week, four-credit bootcamp will be more intensive and hands-on compared to the introductory computer science courses normally offered throughout BC’s school year.

“Students will basically … learn techniques in the morning, and then they’ll apply them in the afternoon—that’s the design of the course,” Sullivan said. “So it’s not really a memorization course, it’s more of a doing course.”

Students can now declare and apply for the business minor and coding bootcamp on CSOM’s website. 

Sullivan said he thinks the programs will complement other disciplines well and hopes they build well-rounded BC students.

“I think, on a bigger level, it just helps people become more of that T shape, you know, that well-roundedness that BC students are so well known for,” Sullivan said. “This gives kind of a practical art to complement the rest of their education.”

February 16, 2023