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Why I Would Date a Guy Like Adam Sandler

Originally this column was going to be about why I would marry Adam Sandler, but then I found out he was married. So, out of respect and the fact that I clearly do not know much about him personally, I chose to go with the next best thing. 

I would date a guy like Adam Sandler.

I have shared this silly but honest opinion with friends, and their first reaction was not an instant head nod or excited yes—it was a burst of laughter. I’m guessing Adam Sandler is not the guy my friends dream about dating or dream about. But, my friends’ reaction could have been an explicit no, and it wasn’t. 

My theory is that he’s what my mom would call “simpatico.” She uses that term to refer to guys that aren’t the best-looking but have charming personalities. For reference, she thinks Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is simpatico and would definitely give him a chance if the opportunity ever arose. 

In my expert opinion, Adam Sandler definitely falls under this simpatico category. The man is charming! Who doesn’t love laughing? He’s always breaking the seriousness of stressful situations with jokes, at least in movies. And I would say he’s the same in real life based on one of his interviews on The Tonight Show, where he talks about his recent hip surgery and jokes about the type of music his anesthesiologist played. 

There are quite a few similarities between the characters he plays in movies and who he is as an actual person. Adam has talked about being attracted to roles where he plays an underdog because he admires the persistence they have. I would dare to say that he himself was an underdog who persisted to achieve success. He started off at Saturday Night Live but was infamously fired after five years. Yet, he went on to make his own production company, Happy Madison Productions, and star in huge films. Although there are more than enough critics that regard his movies as bad, he ignores the hate and has continued to remain relevant and popular. 

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the biggest reasons he’s an icon: his fashion sense. Adam is always caught on camera wearing basketball shorts and oversized t-shirts. In 2021, due to his casual attire and his face mask, a waitress didn’t even recognize him when he entered an IHOP in New York. He didn’t make a scene about not getting a table. He just walked out as any normal person would. 

There’s definitely something to envy about comfortably going outside as a massive celebrity without caring about what the whole world thinks. Often people worry that their image speaks volumes about who they are and what they are capable of. Yet, Adam seems to let his work speak for itself.

I would date a guy like Adam because he’s confident, witty, and determined. Confidence looks great on everyone, especially your partner, because it demonstrates a firm sense of trust in themself and the relationship. Being around Adam Sandler–type humor is also a plus if you’re someone like me, who tends to take life a little too seriously. It’s nice to break out of that mindset and laugh. And finally, perseverance in a partner shows that they will stay committed, even when things get rough. These qualities make for a healthy and vibrant relationship—one that I’d enjoy with a guy like Adam Sandler. 

February 16, 2023