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CARAMEL Establishes a Name For Himself in BC’s Music Scene

While Boston College students may have heard the name Angus Williams, MCAS ’25, on campus, Williams’ stage name, CARAMEL, is even more recognizable. 

“The distinction between CARAMEL and Angus is that Angus wears different hats,” Brian Kazinduka, MCAS ’25 and CARAMEL’s music collaborator, said. “He is curating events, diving, making music—what’s special about him is that, without any filter, [he] can be a voice and put on display his talent.”

CARAMEL self-produces music with a mix of influences, ranging from alternative dance to Afropop, and said he has aspirations of becoming a full-time musician. Apart from creating music, he is a diver on Boston College swim & dive and was the organizer of Living In Color, a two-part series of Black performing arts events dedicated to celebrating Black artists during Black History Month. 

CARAMEL released his newest single, “GONE BY THE MORNING,” on Spotify on Jan. 27 following the release of his debut album, Traveler, on Nov. 19, 2021. 

In “GONE BY THE MORNING,” a pulsating beat adds a layer of depth over CARAMEL’s lyrics about leaving a love interest. The final verse, written by Kazinduka, shifts with an entrancing percussive rhythm to end the track. 

“Red is your color you knew / I won’t be using this suit / Baby this is our consequence / Used to be my best friend,” CARAMEL sings. 

“GONE BY THE MORNING” is representative of CARAMEL’s evolving musical skill and production, as he continues to release music and grow as an artist. In this track, CARAMEL explores using a new rhythm style and having Kazinduka co-write the song. 

CARAMEL and Kazinduka became friends at BC while playing basketball and then began collaborating. 

“I took a lot of trips to Newton [Campus] and went to [CARAMEL’s] dorm, at the time he did what he could with limited space and equipment,” Kazinduka said. “Angus is most definitely someone who is passionate about a music career and I would love to contribute as it continues to grow.” 

CARAMEL said his love for music began with a classical music education in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Once in high school, CARAMEL started playing around with GarageBand and ultimately decided to start making his own music.

“I started singing more and more,” CARAMEL said. “I’ve always been singing ever since I was young, just like in my grandma’s car. Then I started working with a couple really close friends that I call my brothers that are now in college too.”

CARAMEL is currently working on a new EP, Roadtrip. According to CARAMEL, it will feature alternative dance pop sounds and a strong emphasis on percussion. He said he is working on experimenting more and honing in his skills as an artist, which will distinguish himself from other up-and-coming musicians. 

CARAMEL expressed the feeling behind writing the lyrics to the newest addition of his steadily growing discography, Roadtrip. 

“What makes ‘unique songwriting’ is being true to what you’re writing about,” CARAMEL said. “It shows in what comes out. It’s all about what you’re feeling and being able to express that in the best way you know how.” 

Beyond his sound, CARAMEL’s uniqueness lies in the grassroots nature of his how he publicizes his music. As a sophomore at BC without a professional team, CARAMEL has surrounded himself with friends who build a community around their passion for music and help promote his work. 

After meeting her at a music marketing competition at BC, CARAMEL began working with Jessie Chang, CSOM ’23, his manager. 

“For an artist to be successful, they need three things—they need talent, they need passion, and they need a good work ethic,” Chang said. “I feel like Angus has all three of those things … he really wants to use his music to reach diverse audiences, and his music has a lot of soul behind it.”

Through utilizing social media and performing locally, CARAMEL is maximizing the amount of ears that his releases receive beyond Spotify, according to Chang. Chang said she meticulously plans promotions with CARAMEL for his media presence and music distribution. 

“Knowing your brand is really important because it shapes the way you create different strategies, as well as the kind of music you present,” Chang said. 

According to CARAMEL, he has set many long term goals for his music career. He said he hopes to sing at larger venues and work with more well-known artists in the future, both in music production and performance. Outside of his own music, he said he would like to help highlight other artists and curate events on a larger scale. 

CARAMEL said patience is a key factor in having success in breaking into the industry. Since Traveler’s release in 2021, he has made changes to how he promotes and markets his tracks, including onboarding Chang and prioritizing social media posts.

CARAMEL said there are limitations of being a student artist, especially while studying at BC, but he aims to make the most of his resources and support from those around him. 

“I think that Boston College itself, when it comes to performance art, lacks a little bit,” CARAMEL said. “But, I think that through artistic groups like the Music Guild, for example, even dance groups are keeping the artistic front going.”

Despite the obstacles he currently faces, CARAMEL said he is optimistic about continuing to evolve his style and experiment with genres in his sound while at BC and beyond. 

“There are limitations, but that would be everywhere,” CARAMEL said. “It’s how you work with people, what you choose to do with your art, where you perform, how you perform. You see that there’s definitely resources available—it’s just how you use them”. 

February 23, 2023