“Every Student Should Be Able to Get a Ticket”: SA Addresses Concerns About Flo Rida Tickets

UGBC Vice President Julia Spagnola addressed recent student concerns about a lack of ticket availability for the Flo Rida concert during the Student Assembly meeting Tuesday night, explaining that every student should be able to attend the concert.

“It’s a ticketing issue with Robsham I believe,” Spagnola, MCAS ’23, said. “[Matt Razek] said he was looking into it, but every student should be able to get a ticket.”

Chair of the Student Life Committee Thompson Penn, who raised the issue, said he had heard many people saying the tickets were sold out online when they tried to secure them. 

“The whole point of Marathon Monday is to keep us on this side of campus so we can cheer on and support the runners that go by,” Penn, CSOM ’25, said. “If tickets aren’t available, people, they’re going to go off campus.”

Spagnola added that the Flo Rida concert is no longer listed on the box office page of Robsham Theater’s website.

“[That] makes me think that they’ve taken it down to prepare it and put it and put it back up,” Spagnola said.

Continuing discussions of Marathon Monday, Spagnola also shared that UGBC’s Student Initiatives division is looking into using its funds to set up hydration stations for student cheering sections on race day.

“Kind of like how runners have Gatorade and water, we would have maybe, by the cheering sections on the student side, just stations [where] students can get water,” Spagnola said. “I know last year’s Marathon Monday was kind of a hot day, too, so they said that was something they would have available throughout the day, which I thought was good.”

The SA met with only 13 of its 24 members present, an atypically low attendance just above the 50 percent necessary to meet quorum. 

Various SA members are involved with the ongoing UGBC presidential and vice presidential campaigns, which were given from 7 to 8 p.m. tonight to canvas for votes on Upper Campus, according to an email sent to the student body from the Elections Committee last Thursday.

March 28, 2023