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BC Admits 15 Percent of Applicants to Class of 2027

Boston College admitted 15 percent of 36,525 applicants to the Class of 2027, according to a University release.

“These students’ intellectual inquiry, the time and care they’ve committed to their communities, and the personal stories they have shared with us are both impressive and inspiring,” Director of Undergraduate Admission Grant Gosselin said in the release. “We look forward to the impact they will have on the Heights and in the world at large.”

Last year, the University received a record 40,477 applications for the Class of 2026, with 17 percent of applicants admitted. 

BC’s acceptance rate dropped roughly two percent from last year, with 94 percent of admitted students ranking in the top 10 percent of their high school class, according to the release. Admitted students averaged 1511 on the SAT and 34 on the ACT this year.

According to the release, 44 percent of admitted students identify as AHANA+, 9 percent are international students, and 12 percent are first-generation college students.

Compared to the Class of 2026, which saw approximately half of students admitted through early decision (ED), a little more than half of the students were admitted through ED this year. The number of applicants who applied by regular decision (RD) also dropped by roughly 4,000. 

Tyler McClellan, a current senior at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, Md. and CSOM ’27, was accepted into BC via ED II. She said she chose to apply ED II after she toured campus in November 2022. 

“I ended up touring it, and I listened to a lot of the students who spoke, and they all just seemed really thoughtful about their answers, and they seemed to really enjoy the school,” McClellan said. “And we walked around the campus, and it was really beautiful.”

Rosie Schneider, a current senior at St. Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, Fla. and MCAS ’27, applied RD to BC. Schneider said she liked BC’s campus and its close proximity to Boston.

“Boston is a great college town,” Schneider said. “It’s not just BC people around—like you can be friends with everybody that goes to any school in the Boston area.”

Schneider said her college application process was long and difficult, as she applied to about 20 schools. According to Schneider, she was in a boba shop with her friend when she first found out that BC accepted her. 

“I think I screamed in the boba shop,” Schneider said. “I was really excited.”

Looking to her upcoming time at BC, McClellan said she is interested in pursuing a concentration in finance, as well as working at the Hatchery, a new makerspace located at 245 Beacon St.

“I’ve been doing ceramics and glass work for four years and just to see a school that was super into the arts—like I saw people sewing their own clothes there, and I thought that was really amazing,” McClellan said. “So I’m really excited to see that and see what opportunities they offer.”

Schneider is also looking forward to attending football games in the fall and taking advantage of opportunities such as retreats.

“I heard a little bit about the retreats and stuff that they do,” Schneider said. “That seems really cool. I’m excited to just, like, be in Boston.”

McClellan said while BC is expensive, she knows it will provide her with useful alumni connections in the future.

“I also knew that it’s sort of an investment myself because BC is a very expensive school, but it’s also a very good school,” McClellan said. “So I knew the connections that the City of Boston and Boston College could offer me could really improve my future.”

April 2, 2023