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Ep.6, Season 3 of Eagle Eye featuring Professor Nicole Eaton

This week, hosts Isabella and Elizabeth speak with Nicole Eaton, an associate professor in the History Department with an interest in Soviet history, World War II, and the inner workings and cultures of the European cities whose urban spaces were redesigned during wartime. On March 14th, she released her new book, German Blood, Slavic Soil, which examines how Konisberg, a 700-year-old German port city, became one of Hitler’s most significant military bases, only to become known as Kaliningrad in 1945 and fall under Stalin’s regime. Professor Eaton describes the work as “a history of everyday life, violence, occupation, and urban transformation of one city on the Eastern Front before, during, and after the Second World War.” Tune in to learn about Professor Eaton’s extensive research into German and Soviet history, the complex connections between rulers, and how one city can be a lens through which we can better understand the rise and fall of empires.

April 5, 2023