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Leaf: What to Wear on Marathon Monday 

Marathon Monday is approaching quickly, and it is time for Boston College students to pull out their funkiest outfits for the festivities at Mile 21. In years past, BC students have shown up in their most playful and colorful ensembles to cheer on runners in the Boston Marathon. If you haven’t finalized your 2023 Marathon Monday outfit yet, here is some inspiration for what to wear at Mile 21. 


Who doesn’t love to read a fun message on a trucker hat? Bright colored rims and fonts on an iconic trucker hat can take a simple outfit to the next level. These hats can be found in a wide array of colors and with a variety of messages with a quick search on Amazon.

Cowboy hats never seem to go out of style. Marathon Monday styles are all about randomness and embracing bright and bold styles. Cowboy hats are a classic accessory at many festivals and concerts and would make an excellent Marathon Monday choice. These hats come in a variety of prints and materials, ranging from bedazzled hats to straw hats to cow-print ones.

Bodysuits and Sets

Vibrant neon bodysuits scream Marathon Monday at BC. You can find these online at Amazon, Edikted, Princess Polly, and more. Many students may opt to pair a bodysuit with mismatching accessories, maximizing the funkiness of their outfits. Bodysuits align with the athletic theme of Marathon Monday as they are typically made from tight and smooth fabrics. If bodysuits aren’t your thing, the same effect can be achieved with a tank top, long sleeve top, short sleeve top, or tube top, which also come in a variety of bright colors. 

Personally, I always love a two-piece set. Whether it is a top paired with pants, a skirt, or shorts, the matching colors and patterns of a set instantly make a cohesive outfit. When wearing a set, accessories can help make a simple outfit crazier. You can either wear an athletic set to match the athletic outfits of the marathon runners or a festival-esque set, like this one from I.AM.GIA.


You can’t go wrong with a good pair of overalls—whether they’re shorts or pants, denim or corduroy, blue or bright red, solid or striped. Overalls are versatile as you can wear whatever you want underneath them, wear them off the shoulder, and style them with a variety of accessories. Overalls are a comfortable and stylish choice for Marathon Monday. 

Additionally, overalls can be very practical. They have pockets to help carry items throughout the day and are easy to move around in, all while being the perfect statement piece of an outfit. 

Parachute Pants

These baggy pants pair well with a tight or cropped top like a bandeau. You can either wear a colorful pair of parachute pants and style them with a plain white or black top or opt for a more neutral color of parachute pants with a bright top. 

Continuing with the baggy pant look, track pants are a perfect on-theme choice for Marathon Monday. These side-striped pants provide an athletic look, but can be styled in the same ways as parachute pants. 


One of the best ways you can incorporate an element of nonsense into your Marathon Monday is through accessories. 

Fun sunglasses, such as these heart-shaped ones, are a great accessory to spice up any outfit.  For really out-there Marathon Monday outfits, you and your friends could split a variety pack of sunglasses in funky shapes.

Whether you choose two ponytails, space buns, or a headband instead of a hat, a fun hairstyle is a great way to elevate any outfit. 

Be creative with accessories. Fun earrings, patterned suspenders, or wild makeup are great options to take your ensemble to the next level. For a DIY option, you could use face paint, face gems, stickers, or glitter to spell out “Mile 21” on your face.


Lastly, if you really want to take a bizarre route, wearing a full-blown costume is a fun option for Marathon Monday and would make you easily identifiable in the crowd at Flo Rida’s concert or as the runners go by on Commonwealth Ave. Throw together whatever pieces of costumes you have leftover from Halloween or theme parties and you have a Marathon Monday outfit. 

You and your friends could plan a group costume or you could solo it—either way, a costume is a bold choice that will not go unnoticed by the BC community. 

April 14, 2023