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Flo Rida Excites the Heights on a Rainy Marathon Monday

Boston College students woke up bright and early on Monday as music from Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny, among others, blasted throughout the residence halls. Students dressed from head to toe in eclectic outfits as they celebrated not only the 127th Boston Marathon, but a performance in the Mod Lot from Flo Rida as part of the University’s Mile 21 festivities for Marathon Monday.

From as early as 8:30 a.m., students gathered around the Mod Lot stage in anticipation of the Marathon Monday headliner. Frank White, a Boston-based traveling DJ, entertained the growing crowd with popular hits from the likes of Drake and Miley Cyrus while the audience waited for the main act to start. 

After the publicized 10 a.m. start time, Flo Rida finally made his entrance alongside DJ Fresh to an overflowing crowd. He immediately asked the crowd to chant his name before diving into a remixed version of his hit 2011 song “Good Feeling.” A pair of back-up dancers synchronized to the beat. The crowd cheered and jumped up and down, and some students climbed onto their friends’ shoulders to get a better view.

The rapper continued to perform his greatest hits of the late 2000s and early 2010s while simultaneously showing a sense of BC pride, as he commanded the crowd to chant “let’s go Eagles” before jumping into “Right Round” and “In the Ayer.”

As he shouted out French DJ David Guetta and rapper Nicki Minaj before performing their collaborative track “Where Them Girls At,” Flo Rida also teased a gift for the audience. He then threw about 12 red roses and a stack of cash into the sea of students, many of which eager to catch a memento from Marathon Monday. 

The rapper continued to perform “Freaking Out” before introducing fellow rappers Oya Baby and Int’l Nephew on the stage and exclaiming his love for BC.

“Boston College you’re not my day one fans, you’re my day one family” Flo Rida said. 

Flo Rida then segued into his most-streamed song on Spotify,  “Low,” inciting cheers from the crowd. Students recited lyrics that have been ingrained in many of their minds since 2007. But in an unexpected move, the rapper stopped the song and invited a group of about 10 girls to dance on stage with him before resuming. 

He then mixed in one of Oya Baby’s songs, “Back That Ass Up,” before returning to his own hits, including “Club Can’t Handle Me” and “GDFR,” during which he invited a group of boys to join him on stage.

Flo Rida later asked for a girl who was celebrating her birthday to come onstage with him and prompted the crowd to chant “happy birthday” before he transitioned to sing “Whistle.” 

He then called the birthday girl’s friends onto the stage before calling out to her as he began “Wild Ones.” Unexpectedly, the rapper stopped the song claiming the crowd was not excited enough for one of his greatest hits. 

In retrospect, however, the audience may have been a little bit too excited for Flo Rida. People in the crowd fell on top of one another multiple times throughout the concert, prompting pauses in the performance. 

Toward the end of the concert, Flo Rida spoke directly to the audience, commending students on the hard work and discipline they put in to attend a prestigious institution. He expressed his gratitude for performing at BC, a school that he said is “lit.”

The rapper then performed his final two songs, “My House” and “Greenlight” by Pitbull, closing out the show with a bang that likely left the crowd energized for the rest of the day’s festivities.

The words of Flo Rida himself attest to the eventful morning on the Heights.

“What happens at Boston College stays at Boston College” Flo Rida said.  

April 18, 2023