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Morgan’s Guide to Boston Area Parks and Outdoor Spaces

After getting through the brutal winter months, Boston residents are likely eager to soak up the sun and take full advantage of the warm weather. Most Bostonians know about the Boston Common, but it can be hard to find new places to enjoy a nice spring day and soak in the sun. If you’re like me, always looking for a new place to walk with friends or read on a park bench, look no further than this list of my favorite outdoor spaces in Boston. 

Martin’s Park 

Martin’s Park, located in Seaport right along the water, is a newly built play area for kids of all ages—including us college students. This park puts all other parks to shame. I recommend coming here with friends to reconnect with your inner child. It has a giant wooden sailboat, long metal slides, and a large webbed contraption you can climb. This playground really emphasizes Boston’s beauty, as the park is lined with flowers and sits in front of the beautiful backdrop of Boston’s waterfront. While it’s a bit of a trek from Boston College’s campus, everyone needs to check out this park and remember the joys of elementary school recess. 

Hammond Pond Reservation and Webster Conservation Area

If you are looking for an outdoor space a little closer to campus, then look no further than the Hammond Pond Reservation and Webster Conservation Area. Located around the corner from Upper Campus, this nature reserve hosts many wooded trails. Students who live on Upper are probably familiar with these woods, often passing them when heading to Star Market or Tokyo Japanese Steak House. You can also stop by this green space on the way to The Shops at Chestnut Hill.

Drydock Green Space

If you enjoy taking in Boston’s waterfront and watching ships sail by, then you have to check out Boston’s Drydock Green Space in Seaport. Here, you can sit on benches and watch large cargo ships, lobster boats, and cruise ships come in and out of the docks. Drydock Green Space is a great place to witness the large boats of Boston’s maritime industries in action. 

The Lawn On D

The Lawn On D is a new outdoor event space with live music and food vendors. It hosts private and public events, so be sure to check its website to see when it is open to the public during the summer. This space is located in Seaport and is set up like a beer garden, with tents selling food and drinks and large open spaces to hang out in. Make sure to check out the large swings that light up in the dark and are free to use.

The Fenway Victory Gardens 

This community garden was established in 1942 as a part of a war effort to help prevent food shortages. This lovely garden is still maintained today and makes for a pretty walking area filled with fruits, vegetables, flowers, and rabbits. Now the surplus food grown in these gardens is given to local soup kitchens. There is a long waitlist for Boston residents to get a plot of land here. Each gardener designs their own little garden, which makes the walk through entertaining as you can observe everyone’s different gardening techniques. If you love community, history, and gardening, the Fenway Victory Gardens are a must visit spot. 

April 20, 2023