Alexia LaFata is a senior at Boston College double majoring in Communications and Sociology. She’s passionate about Italian food, women’s issues, technology, ‘80s rock music, and large earrings. For more of her thoughts, check out her writing portfolio at or follow her on Twitter @alexialafata.

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Students Gather In Lyons For Spring Involvement Fair

This past Thursday, 102 student organizations and almost 900 students gathered in Lyons for the second semester Student Fair. Students at the fair were greeted with information about a wide variety of student-run organizations, including performance groups, pre-professional clubs, international clubs, service clubs, and more.

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Why Bartending Is The Best Job Ever

The soundtrack of the greatest summer of my life: pint glasses of Sam Adams Summer Ale clanging against wooden surfaces, Bruins hockey sticks scraping against the ice on flat screen TVs, guitar riffs of ’80s rock songs blasting from the jukebox, and the shake-shake-shaking and mix-mix-mixing of blueberry mojitos and a million rum-and-cokes.

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Every Person Is A Person

There are currently 7,108,685,580 people on Earth. That number increased by about 15 as soon as I finished writing that sentence, and because that comma made you pause for half of a second it just increased by another 10. Every single one of those people born will be a person. They’ll be a child, have their first kiss and a favorite movie, maybe even go to summer camp or get married, and eventually die. You may not realize it right now, but you’ll never fully understand this concept. Never. And it’s not your fault.

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Let’s Talk About Love

What is it about being in love that makes us think in poetry? That makes us want to sing songs and dance and jump off of rooftops, grow wings, and fly to the stars? That burns holes in our hearts while simultaneously making them feel fuller and brighter? That transforms all of our rational thoughts into mush and makes us want to say “forever” over and over again like a lyric stuck repeating on a broken CD? That turns menial activities like doing homework, going to CVS, and walking to class together into grand adventures? That makes us literally feel colors when our loved one is in the same room as us? I don’t know, but it sure is weird sometimes. So, I’d like to talk about it.

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