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Kidder Recalls Importance Of Trusting A Good Editor

By: Carolyn Freeman

Tracy Kidder met Richard Todd in 1973, when Kidder was a 29-year-old writing his first article for The Atlantic. Forty years later, the two have partnered on several articles and books and fostered a strong literary friendship. At the Lowell Humanity Series-sponsored event on Wednesday evening, “Tracy Kidder: Another Set of Eyes,” Kidder discussed the influence Todd had on him.

News, On Campus

‘Religion of Love’ Talk Examines Arabic Love Poetry

By: Carolyn Freeman

The theme of love persists throughout Arabic poetry and literature. Professor Michael Sells discussed that theme on Tuesday, paying particular attention to the poetry of Ibn Zaydun and Ibn al-‘Arabi. The religion of love, in different forms, is a common thread that links much of Arabic culture together, Sells said.


BC Fossil Free Talks Divestment

By: Carolyn Freeman

The planet is close to its climate change tipping point, but three panelists hosted by BC Fossil Free on Feb. 26 in Higgins 300 led discourse on how divesting from fossil fuels could help reduce damage to the environment.


Panel Explores Shifts In Papacy

Pope Francis and the ways in which his papacy is distinct from those of his predecessors was the focus of a panel Tuesday composed of Boston College faculty, the president of Assumption College, and the executive director of the Secretariat of Cultural Diversity.

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