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Broken Axle Caused Red Line Derailment, MBTA Says
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Broken Axle Caused Red Line Derailment, MBTA Says

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) announced Monday that the Red Line car derailment on June 11 was due to a broken axle. There was poor electrical connectivity between two pieces of the axle, weakening it over time, according to the report detailing the incident. The derailment caused significant service disruptions and was the beginning…

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Walsh Files Executive Ordinance on Marijuana Equity

City of Boston employees and their immediate family members will be prohibited from participating in the  city’s cannabis industry. Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, BC ’09, filed the executive ordinance on Friday that bars employees from seeking approval for a marijuana business from the City or any of its committees.

R.A.C.E Protests at Cambridge City Hall
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R.A.C.E Protests at Cambridge City Hall

The coalition dedicated to fighting cannabis license inequity stood outside of Cambridge City Hall in silent protest on Friday, one day after it announced its formation. The group of black marijuana entrepreneurs held signs that said “Our Communities Demand: Real Action for Cannabis Equity,” the name of the coalition. “All we want is the same…

Ward 5 Holds Preliminary Election
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Ward 5 Holds Preliminary Election

Today, the City of Newton is holding a preliminary election for the Ward 5 City Council seat. Ward 5 covers Upper Falls, Waban, and Newton Highlands. Three candidates appear on the ballot—Kathryn K. Winters, Rena L. Getz, and William Bishop Humphrey— and the two who receive the most votes will continue on to the primary…

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Newton Judge Files to Drop Her Obstruction Charge

Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, a judge in Newton District Court who has been indicted on an obstruction of justice charge for allegedly helping an undocumented immigrant escape from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), filed a motion to have the charges against her dropped on Friday. The filing calls the charges “unprecedented,” and referenced a 2017…

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