Julie Orenstein was a Heights editor for three long years that still somehow went by too quickly. She can be found singing in inopportune places, playing sports badly, eating grilled cheese, or just talking at anything that will listen.

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STM Professor Rev. Daniel Harrington, S.J. Dies At 73

By: Julie Orenstein

When Rev. Daniel J. Harrington, S.J. was a boy, he believed that he could never become a teacher or priest because he had a stutter.
He believed this until the day he read a passage from Exodus in which Moses says, “I am slow of speech and slow of tongue,” after which Harrington thought, “If Moses could do it, maybe I can.”

On Campus, News

2014 UGBC Elections Re-Opened

By: Julie Orenstein

Facing the prospect of an uncontested election for UGBC president and vice president for 2014-15, the Elections Committee (EC) has re-opened the applicant pool for candidates and delayed the start of the election season.

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