Tricia Tiedt was the Outreach Coordinator for The Heights in 2014. She drinks her coffee black and refuses to participate in the BC look away. Follow her on Twitter at @triciatiedt.

The T, Metro

Students Prepare For Effects Of MBTA Changes

By: Tricia Tiedt

The early spring season has already included many major changes for the MBTA, including the extension of its public transit service hours and the two-year closing of Government Center, the T station located under City Hall Plaza in the heart of downtown Boston, and these changes are having an effect on BC students.


He Said, She Said: Kicking Your Friends Off Your Meal Plan Gravy Train

By: Marc Francis and Tricia Tiedt

This semester I am one of a few people in my friend group with a meal plan. At first, I was happy to pay for my friends’ meals since they had paid for me plenty of times before, but when I recently checked my balance I realized I can’t afford it anymore. How can I tell my friends I have to kick them off the gravy train?


Preparing For Action

By: Tricia Tiedt

In a space more often occupied by goalies and point guards than politicians, new Mayor Martin J. Walsh, WCAS ’09, had one simple message to share from his platform above the floors of Kelley Rink: we move forward as one.

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