Celebrate Your Class of 2024 Senior With a Senior Ad

Celebrate a family member or friend in the Boston College Class of 2024 by purchasing a senior ad in The Heights Commencement Edition. The edition will recap important events and stories from your student’s past four years at Boston College. Your student can pick up the edition when it is distributed around campus on April 29.

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Ad Pricing Breakdown:

$1000 – Full page (Max 8 photos)

$525 – Half page (Max 4 photos)

$275 – Quarter page (Max 2 photos)

$140 – Eighth page (Max 1 photo)

Do you want a copy of the Commencement Edition but don’t want to purchase an ad? You can get a copy shipped to an address of your choosing without purchasing an ad. Simply select $15 from the donation options.

Please send a final copy of the text and photos you’d like included in the ad in an email to erin.flaherty@bcheights.com. Assuming an ad has been purchased, the final deadline for materials to be emailed in is April 25, 2024.

Full: 20.5 Inches Tall, 10.5 Inches Wide

Half: 10 Inches Tall, 10.5 Inches Wide

Quarter: 10 Inches Tall, 5 Inches Wide

One-Eighth: 5 Inches Tall, 5 Inches Wide

These sizes may change slightly pending final print margin adjustments. 

A Look Back at The Senior Commencement Edition of 2023