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Remembering Tsung: Professor, Colleague, Friend
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Remembering Tsung: Professor, Colleague, Friend

“Frank was a fount of energy,” according to Ben Williams. Chia-Kuang “Frank” Tsung—associate professor of chemistry at Boston College who died on Jan. 5 from COVID-19 complications at the age of 44—was a beloved colleague and mentor with a unique gift of creating long-lasting connections, according to those who knew him.   Williams, a current postdoctoral...
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Mistake in Some Google Groups Permissions Left Sensitive Info Accessible to BC Students, Faculty, Staff

Until December 2017, Google Groups containing hundreds of University communications and associated documents with restricted, confidential, or otherwise sensitive information had misconfigured permission settings such that anyone who could access the Boston College G Suite—known formally as Google Apps—could view them, a Heights investigation found. The Heights notified the University on Dec. 18 of this…

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Walk the Line: A History of the LGBTQ Community at Boston College

This is a story about an evolving LGBTQ community at an evolving Boston College. It’s a story about what changes and what stays the same, and how, and why. It won’t always fit into neat narratives and assumptions—there are memories here of unthinkable bullying and broad acceptance, of frustrations with administrators and expanding institutional support,…