Opinions Policies

The Heights Editorial Board

A group of Heights editors who are committed to participating in the consistent writing of editorials meet weekly to discuss campus and local issues. The editorial board always consists of the president, managing editor, opinions editor, and A1 editor. Editors who report on topics discussed in editorials are not permitted to participate in the discussion or writing of the editorial.

Op-Ed Policy

The Heights welcomes op-eds from anyone in the Boston College community for our online publication as well as print publications during the academic year. Op-eds may be about anything, but must be original written exclusively for The Heights. You are not required to be an expert on the topic you are writing about it, but do include any personal background you have with the topic. Op-eds are generally accepted when the writer is able to provide a unique perspective or expertise on a topic that regularly scheduled Heights columnists have not.  

The Heights may not print every op-ed. Op-ed submissions should cite all information used by the author, and should be signed. Anonymous op-eds will only be accepted on extremely rare occasions, at the discretion of the president, only after he or she knows the identity of the writer. Op-eds signed by a whole organization will only be accepted on rare occasions. Any facts and quotes in op-ed pieces will have to be verified by The Heights, and sources will have to be named in the piece. Only on extremely rare occasions may quotes and sources be anonymous, and if they are, the source’s identity will have to be shared with the president, and The Heights will have to verify the quote with that source. 

Op-eds should be between 500 and 900 words. Longer or shorter pieces may be considered. 

The Heights will not print any op-eds that contain personal attacks. The Heights will not print any promotional pieces.

Op-eds do not reflect the views of The Heights editorial board. They are an opportunity to share the diverse voices of the BC community. 

Op-eds may be submitted to opini[email protected]. Please send your op-ed in the body of the email, and include your connection to BC, class year, school (if applicable, i.e. CSOM, MCAS), and contact information. 

Letter to the Editor Policy

All letters to the editor are to be under 500 words and must be in response to something published in The Heights, preferably within the last 14 days. LTEs generally seek to respond to a specific article, column, or editorial. LTEs addressed to third parties, such as the administration or a student group, will not be accepted. All letters must be signed by an individual or a list of individuals, not by a group. Anonymous letters will not be accepted.

Those who submit an LTE should disclose any personal connection to the subject matter written about. 

LTEs may be shortened for print, and they will be fact-checked and edited for clarity by Heights editors. Writers will be consulted on edits, time allowing. Not all LTEs will be printed. 


The Heights has bi-weekly columnists who write about campus life, politics, and humor, among other things. Columnists are BC students, and they are occasionally former Heights editors. Applications for columnists are accepted at the beginning of every semester. For more details, email [email protected]

Editorial Cartoons

Cartoons are designed and created by Heights graphics editors. People from the BC community are welcome to submit guest cartoons. Submissions can be sent to [email protected].

Established in 1919 as Boston College’s student newspaper, The Heights has been both editorially and financially independent from the University since 1971. The Heights serves the students, faculty, and staff of the Boston College community, as well as our neighbors in Chestnut Hill, Newton, and the Allston-Brighton area.  

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