For Class Of 2015, A Final Gathering In Alumni Stadium

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The sky was too cloudy for the members of the Class of 2015 who, per tradition, gathered at the Beacon Street parking garage Monday to see the sun rise at 5:20 a.m., but by late morning, it began to look brighter. Approximately 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students gathered in Alumni Stadium for Boston College’s 139th Commencement Ceremony, later breaking down by college and program and leaving the Heights with freshly printed diplomas and a few parting words from the day’s dignitaries.

At Monday’s main event—which was inclusive of the entire class—Chicago Archbishop and Commencement speaker Blase Cupich urged graduates to never lose their youthfulness.

If students find that they have lost their joy for life, he said, they should spend time with a child in order to regain that sense of spontaneity. He also encouraged graduates to improve life for the poor and promote good. Similarly, University President Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J., said graduates ought to use their education to become “forces for good.”

At the ceremony, Leahy presented Cupich with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Receiving honorary degrees alongside Cupich were Sr. Marie Chin of the Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica, Michael Motyl, president of the Guadalupe Regional Middle School in Texas and BC ’01, writer Steve Pemberton, BC ’89, and journalist Lee Woodruff.

“Those who have had the most fulfilling lives are those who used their education and talents in the service of society, who have given life and given it abundantly,” Leahy said of graduated students from BC.

Later, during the Arts and Sciences undergraduate ceremony, a surprise message made its way to the Class of 2015: a plane pulling a banner reading “Eradicate #BostonCollegeRacism!” circled alumni for half an hour. The message was paid for by an anonymous donor who supported an initiative of the same name led by several students and faculty in the Lynch Graduate School of Education.

Commencement capped off a week of events for seniors, including a Commencement ball in the Boston Sheraton, a themed celebration called Dance Through The Decades, a final show at the Strip Mod, and a Class of 2015 toast.

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Featured Image by John Wiley / Heights Editor

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