Graduation Issue 2016

Boston draws millions of visitors throughout the year who are curious not only about the city’s intricate history, but also about the many fascinating destinations hidden within the city’s borders. So after spending four years attending Boston College, students have had the opportunity to become familiar with the school that has become their home, as well as the vibrant city that surrounds it. For many upcoming graduates, this process of getting to know Boston can be remembered through multiple T rides into the depths of the city, where they wandered through the Commons and cobblestone alleyways. Maybe some of these graduates, when looking back on these trips, can remember discovering a favorite space—a special corner that made the city feel like their domain. But for those still hoping to understand Boston a little better in the weeks before they leave their college years behind, there are certainly some must-see destinations within the city. Here, we have compiled some of Boston’s most treasured attractions. These are places integral to the city’s culture and identity that anyone who calls themselves a Bostonian must visit during his or her time here.