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Why Boston Drivers (and Boston Roads) Are Terrible
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Why Boston Drivers (and Boston Roads) Are Terrible

It’s a regional (and perhaps national) axiom that Boston drivers (known endearingly as “Massholes”), are among the worst types of people you will encounter. AllState even agrees. It’s quite discouraging when you find that AllState—a vehicle insurance company—ranks Boston as the third-worst driving city in the United States, in front of only Washington D.C. and…

A Move to End Natural Hair Discrimination
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A Move to End Natural Hair Discrimination

At the Oct. 2 City Council Meeting in Boston, Councilor Lydia Edwards ardently put forth a resolution to prevent discrimination against natural hairstyles. This was in support of already pending legislature that was filed by Steven Ultrino, a state representative, on Sept. 18.

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Longfellow Bar Raises Bar Bites to New Heights

The goal for restaurants has always been to raise the bar, but for Longfellow Bar, they take the adage quite literally. Elevation of typical bar food and drinks, as well as physical elevation from the hustle and bustle of Harvard Square, allow it to think outside the box—or the margarita glass. Longfellow Bar resides in…

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