The 104th Board of The Heights

Megan Kelly


Mac McGee

General Manager

Lauren Wittenmyer

Managing Editor


Rachel Phelan

Layout Editor

Olivia Charbonneau

Visual Director

Julia Remick

Digital Director

Erin Shannon

News Editor

Megan Gentile

Sports Editor

Stephen Bradley

Magazine Editor

Victor Stefanescu

Metro Editor

Kate Canniff

Arts Editor

Tommy Roche

Opinions Editor

Julia Kiersznowski

Projects Editor

Isabella Pieretti

Copy Chief

Vikrum Singh

Photo Editor

Seeun Ahn

Multimedia Editor

Annie Corrigan

Graphics Editor

Paige Stein

Graphics Editor

Eamon O’Malley

Podcast Editor

Maddie Phelps

Online Manager

Natalie Arndt

Newsletter Editor

Amy Palmer

Assoc. News Editor

Graham Dietz

Assoc. Sports Editor

Gavin Zhang

Assoc. Metro Editor

Josie McNeill

Assoc. Arts Editor

Eliza Hernandez

Assoc. Opinions Editor

Steve Mooney

Assoc. Photo Editor

Beth Verghese

Asst. News Editor

Sofia Laboy

Asst. News Editor

Jack Bergamini

Asst. Sports Editor

Erin Flaherty

Asst. Magazine Editor

Connor Siemien

Asst. Metro Editor

Nicole Vagra

Asst. Photo Editor

Olivia Joung

Copy Editor

Meadow Vrtis

Copy Editor

Gabe Wallen

Copy Editor


Catherine Dolan

Assoc. General Manager

Conor Richards

Asst. General Manager

Maggie Leahy

Outreach Coordinator

Asal Fakhridinova

Alumni Director

Past Boards

2021, 2020,2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

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