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Corrections Policy

The Heights strives to provide its readers with complete, accurate, and balanced information. If you believe we have made a reporting error, have information that requires a clarification or correction, or have questions about The Heights’ standards and practices, you may contact the editor-in-chief at

Editorial Resources

News Tips: Have a news tip or an idea for a story? Email To request coverage of future events, contact the news editor with a detailed description of the event, including appropriate contact information.

Sports Coverage: Email the sports editor at with information or questions related to Boston College athletics.

Arts Events: The Heights covers art events both on- and off-campus, including concerts, movies, theatrical performances, and more. For more information or to request coverage of future events, email

Local News: The metro section of The Heights looks beyond Boston College’s campus to the City of Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods. If you have an idea for a story or a suggestion for event coverage, contact the metro editor at

Feature Stories: The Heights is always looking for people from the Boston College community who are doing important or interesting work, or have stories they want told. If you would like your story told, or if you’d like to nominate an employee, professor, or student at Boston College to be featured, email