Advice For The Spiritually Lost

I have been a spiritual person all of my life. I always have searched for explanations about the purpose of our lives, the creation of the universe, and the essence of our soul. But there was always something missing or not making sense.

I felt like modern physicists who try to unify the Standard Model of Physics with General Relativity-quantum physics with gravity, and micro cosmos with macro cosmos, which seems an utterly impossible task, yet something inside me kept me searching for this unity.
Amid this incessant search, I came across Kabbalah. It started out with a book, but before I could finish it I saw myself in my first class of Power of Kabbalah 1. From then on, I have practiced the kabbalistic wisdom and teachings every day of my life.

One of the most special things that Kabbalah will teach you is how to become the master of your life. You learn how to get what you want and how to be who you want to be. Kabbalah means “to receive,” and its sole purpose is to teach us how to receive everything that we desire-and not to loose it. This is the beauty about Kabbalah: it is logical and practical.

We are constantly thinking about what we want and how we are going to get it. Our desires are endless, but the good news is that the universe is limitless and we can have absolutely everything that we want. But the question is how we get what we want.

Life is like a game: we can only win if we know the rules of the game, otherwise we will repeatedly make the same mistakes because we do not know what to expect from our moves.

Here is a personal example: One of the fundamental precepts of Kabbalah is the concept of sharing. In order to share and to receive what we want, we must learn to restrict our reactivity. One day I was driving with my boyfriend to see his parents and we weren’t exactly in a good mood.

The car was filled with silence until I heard his voice telling me that he had forgotten his mother’s present at home and we would have to go all the way back to get it.

I could feel a burning of rage coming up to my stomach and to my throat. All I could think of was how forgetful and aloof he was, how impossible it was to be with a person like this, and how I had to think for two people because he doesn’t do his part.

Literally a whole scene of my yelling at him and his answering back flashed before my eyes in a fraction of a second. But then I stopped for a moment and asked myself, “Is this really what I want? Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?”

This brief pause was vital for me to take a different path. I decided to apply the “proactive formula,” as the Kabbalists teach. I simply act in a constructive way. I answered back: “No problem, dear.”

As I did so, the person that I was looking at transformed before my eyes. I looked at him and saw everything that I have seen in him in the first day we met: his beautiful and passionate eyes, his calm and caring personality, and the feeling of his healing hug came rushing in my mind, overtaking any reminiscence of anger from that moment. He looked at me, perplexed with my reaction, but I could see the innocent shame concealed in his expression.

Instead of being angry, I got what I wanted from the situation: my boyfriend recognized his mistake, and I transformed my anger into a constructive opportunity to connect with genuine feelings that I had for him. I gave up being right and chose to be happy, because that is what matters.

Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual wisdom and has been the keystone to the establishment of Judaism and Christianity, but its teachings are often different from religious dogmas. Thanks to the efforts of Karen and Rav Berg, the Kabbalah Centre became an international non-profit organization, which teaches hundreds of classes in many subjects to anyone willing to learn.

If you ever sit at a Kabbalah class, you may be surprised to learn that you have the power to become the master of your life. Kabbalah has been a blessing to my life and many others. I became a happier and more fulfilled person, and so can you.

January 26, 2014