Scene And Heard: February 13, 2014

1. Child Star’s Legacy

Beloved child star Shirley Temple passed away on Monday at the age of 85. She was best known for her work in the Great Depression, and films such as Bright Eyes, Curly Top, and Heidi saw wild success, even in the dismal economy. Temple was a favorite of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and she served the U.S. as a representative to the United Nations and ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

2. NY Fashion Week
Temperatures were low and heels were high as the fashion world tipped its hat to New York. Fall collections took center stage, while celebrities lined the front rows. One hot trend for Fall 2014: plaid. Another trend: bold patterns and bold colors-an unprecedented trend in high fashion, which has long favored neutral patterns and equally conservative colors.

3. Opening Ceremony
While Russia had yet to complete the rest of the Olympic Village, the country spared no expense on the opening ceremony. This year’s Olympic ceremonies opened with a bang, featuring a display celebrating Russia’s heritage and the transitioning on its government. Despite the relative success of the ceremony, however, the lasting image of this opening will likely be one of the Olympic Ring that failed to open.

4. Here’s Jimmy!
Last Friday, Jay Leno said a tearful goodbye to The Tonight Show after 22 years on air. Jimmy Fallon is set to take over the coveted time spot on Feb. 17. Fallon is leaving his 12:35 a.m. late night spot in the very capable hands of Saturday Night Live alumnus Seth Meyers.

5. Presidential Affair
The French media-apparently bored with the affairs of its own president-started a rumor this week about President Barack Obama having an affair with Beyonce. Photographer Pascal Rostain even claimed that the story would be published in the Washington Post. While the president and Beyonce aren’t “drunk in love,” the rumor ignited something of a media firestorm. Fear not, there’s no scandal brewing in Washington-well, at least not between these two.


February 12, 2014