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LTE: Campus School Staff Gives Thanks

Last October, Boston College began exploring the possibility of affiliating the Campus School with the Kennedy Day School at Franciscan’s Hospital, and the subsequent moving of the Campus School to their facility. During this process BC became aware of the passion and excellence for which we are recognized. The outpouring of support from all facets of the BC community and especially from parents of Campus School students and the Campus School Volunteers has been amazing. Current BC students and alumni as well as former Campus School students and their families from many years past contacted us and wrote letters about the positive impact their experience the Campus School had on their lives. Their appreciation gave the staff affirmation for our work and commitment to our students.

As announced in Thursday’s Chronicle and Heights, the Campus School will remain in Campion Hall and continue to be an integral part of the BC community. Parents, staff and University administration will be working together to develop a strategic plan to improve the School and its services. We deeply appreciate the opportunity that BC is giving us, our students, and their families to work together to continue building a school that fulfills the mission of providing our students with the best possible services.

The Staff of the BC Campus School


February 17, 2014