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LTE: Gratitude For The Pep Band

This letter is a huge shout out to the Boston College Pep Band for the fine way it has welcomed my 5-year-old son into their midst.

While I have held BC Hockey season tickets for 24 years, it has been only in the past two years that I have gained full appreciation of a group that frequently is taken for granted. Last year, my younger son took an interest in the Pep Band and we would visit them regularly between periods. The band members were terrific, showing him their instruments and explaining to him how they worked. Over time, we spent less and less time in our regular seats and more time with the band. And now we go directly to the band when we arrive.

Andres now has a matching jersey and shows up at home games with his recorder in hand so that he can join in-usually standing with the flutes.
Without exception, everyone of you has been terrific, treating him with patience, respect, interest and enthusiasm. This has been a very pleasant surprise as you all have busy lives and a role to play. From your example, Andres is learning to be a responsible team member, to contribute to a group, and to maintain his poise in times of adversity.

As his father, I can say that you are an exceptionally fine group of people who represent BC very well. If you are a valid sample of America’s young people and the future of this country (as I believe) then we have a very bright future.

My hope for you, is that your children will be equally as fortunate as Andres and that they will have the opportunity to be among such a fine group of role models.

Andrew Jay
Hockey Season Ticket Holder


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March 23, 2014
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