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May 1 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

End Of Classes – This has not come soon enough.

Great Returns – Michael Matheson, one of the most talented and ginger defensemen the Boston College men’s hockey team has had in years, is returning for his junior season with the Eagles. After a 21-point and plus-18 season, Matheson decided to postpone the start of an NHL career with the Florida Panthers to come back for another year. Returning Matheson is a huge asset for BC next year-it means retaining one of the most experienced and talented defensemen in the Hockey East, and to this, we give a Thumbs Up.

Summertime – We plan to sleep eight or nine hours every night this summer. Out of all the fun things we have planned, this is the most exciting to us right now. This semester, our bed has been wondering if we are cheating on it with another bed, it has seen us so infrequently. No, trusty bed, we have not been, but we look forward to having a long-term monogamous relationship with you this summer. It will be glorious.

Thumbs Down

Saying Goodbye – The end of April and beginning of May are rather bittersweet times. Although we are glad to see the semester coming to an end (see above), we are saddened by the many “last” events that accompany it. It is a time of tributes to seniors and saying goodbye to all those who are graduating come May 19. This just gets depressing after a while.

Final Exams – We are reviewing all that we have to study for finals and are left scratching our heads. Did we ever actually learn that? What about that? We could swear the professor never mentioned that in class. This semester is just a blur now, and we are starting to wonder if it really happened.

The Weather – We promise this is this last time we mention the weather until roughly late October, but come on, Mother Nature-it is May already. This is just completely unacceptable. We want to be wearing shorts. We want “Suns Out, Guns Out” tank-top-wearing weather … well, for that last one, in theory more than anything else. We are rather lacking in the “guns” department-there are some people with forearms bigger than our biceps. And, by “some people,” we mean anybody who has worked out even once in his or her life.

Thesis Topic Proposal – This was due yesterday for us, and we are absolutely terrified by it. We submitted a half-baked idea that we have and are fairly certain that what we write in the fall will look nothing like the idea we just proposed. Looking ahead to the vast amount of research and reading that needs to be done before the topic can be finalized, we predict many caffeine-fueled late nights. It’s okay-our bed long ago forgot our name, so it will be used to this.


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May 1, 2014
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