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Ebola, Layoffs, And The Secret Service Are Just Really Grinding Our Gears

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Screenshots: For when we are too lazy to make a real graph in Excel.

Mason Jars: We have real cups, but we like to drink our beverages from these instead.

Disclosure: A great band. We really enjoyed “Latch.”

Thumbs Down

Disclosures: We, along with everyone else in the student body (and likely their brothers, sisters, and significant others), received an email yesterday from the Office of the Executive Vice President disclosing the disclosures available to students online. Don’t get us wrong, we always support and encourage transparency. We are giving this the ol’ Thumbs Down because we know Boston College would never do this if they were not legally required to do so.

Accepted Offers: Stop going out on Monday nights and yelling incoherently (yet comprehensibly when talking about the job you already have post-graduation) outside of our windows. It’s not even Senior Night and you are making us angsty.

Bae: We just learned about this acronym frequently used by today’s youth culture to refer to one’s significant other. Standing for “before anyone else,” it represents everything wrong with American culture today.

Secret Service, Pt. 2: We thought that the man who made it into the White House a couple of weeks ago was stopped soon after entering the building. Through an investigation by The Washington Post, we have learned that not only did he enter the premise, but that he made it all the way into the East Room and was only stopped when an off-duty guard happened to walk by him on his way out of the building. What the hell?!? How does this happen? And, in classic bureaucratic fashion, when called to testify before Congress, the director of the Secret Service deflected questions and managed to leave having said almost nothing of substance. There is something deeply wrong with that organization. Although he was not home, the president could have been and would have been susceptible to harm. He has enough to worry about without adding the security of his home to the list.

Ebola: There’s a case in the U.S. now. Watch out.

Layoffs: The New York Times announced yesterday that there will be yet another round of layoffs at America’s paper of record. Although we have long been aware of the plight of the newspaper industry in the modern world, it still saddens our hearts to see this.

Gasson Doors: You know the Quad-side Gasson doors? Yeah, we have a serious problem with these doors. They are too narrow for the traffic that needs to flow through them on a regular basis. We are always left waiting outside, as what we are sure is an entire class from Gasson 305 files out.

Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo

October 2, 2014