Eagles Salvage One Game In Series At Louisville

The Boston College softball team took one game out of three in its latest away trip to Kentucky. The Eagles had a three-game series against ACC competition Louisville, and played one game on Saturday followed by a double-header on Sunday.

The first game was a close ordeal for the Eagles, ending at 3-1 and a rare loss for freshman ace Allyson Frei.

Frei pitched the entire game for BC, pulling away from the Saturday game with four hits and two earned runs on her record.

The two earned runs came in the bottom of the second inning. Cardinals’ center fielder Kayla Soles struck a single that scored two runners, putting Louisville ahead early in the game. Louisville’s one unearned run came from an error at first base. Whitney Arion bunted with Kelsi Jones on second base, and an off-target throw let Arion stay safely at first and Jones found home plate.

BC’s one run came from Megan Cooley, who scored when Jessie Daulton launched a double, which sent the leadoff hitter home from second base.

Cooley, Daulton, and Annie Murphy were the only players to record hits in this matchup.

Frei continued pitching in the next two games, and she only allowed one earned run in the next 13 innings of play.

That one run came in the Eagles’ second loss and the first game of Sunday’s doubleheader. Pitcher Maryssa Becker, who only allowed three hits on the mound, also did much of the offensive work for her Cardinals. She hit in Jordan McNary in the first inning for the only run of the first game. The Eagles could not produce a run, despite Frei keeping Louisville’s run tally from climbing past one. Louisville clinched the first game on Sunday 1-0.

In the second game, BC’s offense finally managed to complement Frei’s pitching, which allowed no runs during the Eagles’ 3-0 victory.

BC scored a solitary run in three separate innings, much of which was due to the clutch hitting of sophomore third baseman Tatiana Cortez. She did not have a hand in the Eagles’ first run, which was an unearned one by Taylor Coroneos in the third inning. Then, in the fourth, Cortez brought Chloe Sharabba home from first, after Cortez blasted a triple off the right field fence. An RBI single in the sixth inning capped off Cortez’ hitting on the night and BC’s scoring for the series. Cortez scored Taylor Michalski, and in doing so, claimed the Eagles’ only win against Louisville.

Frei finished the series with a 15-14 record, and BC as a whole dropped to 21-21, and 4-14 in ACC play.

Featured Image by Emily Fahey / Heights Senior Staff

April 27, 2015