Voices from the Dustbowl

‘What Was The Weirdest Thing You Saw Or Did This Summer?’

In this week’s edition of ‘Voices From The Dustbowl,’ we asked students what the weirdest thing they saw or did during the summer was.

“I saw a dozen guys riding a horse in the middle of an Italian highway.” — Vincent Butrico, MCAS ’19


“At Trader Joe’s, a man tried to buy Kale and pay just with hugs.” — Julia Douglas, MCAS ’18


“Some guy stole the tip jar at a concert I went to…he was later caught.” — Jack Travers MCAS ’19


“I saw a gypsie put make-up on one of my friends in Munich.” — Vamsi Mohan MCAS ’19


Featured Image by Robin Kim / Heights Staff


September 3, 2015