Settipane Shines But BC’s Offense Sputters Against UNC

Leah Settipane was the hero of Boston College’s field hockey game against the University of North Carolina Tar Heels—despite giving up 5 goals, she was BC’s best player. Settipane had 13 saves, but BC’s offense was held at bay in a 5-0 loss.

The first 21 minutes of the match saw little action on either side, until a penalty was called on BC in the 22nd minute. The Tar Heels got the ball rolling after the penalty stroke that put UNC midfielder Nina Notman face-to-face against BC goalie Leah Settipane, forcing the ball into the bottom right corner.

Later, Casey Di Nardo slammed the ball into the wide-open right corner after a cross from Eva van’t Hoog, seconds before the end of the first half in the 35th minute. The Tar Heels would fail to score again until the 57th minute, which began a whirlwind offensive attack led by Gab Major. Major smacked the ball from far out, leaving no chance for a save by Settipane. Major’s fourth goal seconds later came after a struggle with Settipane, who was lying across the goal line, trying to prevent a shot. Eventually, the ball slipped past Settipane and several BC defenders.

A penalty corner set the stage for UNC’s 5th and final goal in the 62nd minute, forcing Settipane farther out of the cage and allowing Major to shoot from the left corner of the goal without BC’s keeper in the way. This is BC’s largest deficit in a loss this season, with all of its games lost by one or two goals.

An Eagles loss means something more to Settipane–she needs one more win to tie the record for most wins by a BC field hockey goalkeeper. With 13 saves, Settipane clearly shows her defensive prowess. Several of the goals could have been prevented with better coverage by her defenders. Major’s two minute hat trick depicts a quick decline of an already-vulnerable defense.

The Eagles’ offense failed to produce against the Tar Heels, with only seven shots against UNC’s 26. UNC scorers Notman and Major had seven shots each, outnumbering BC’s. BC forward Romee Stiekema provided the best opportunity for a goal, with two shots. BC also had fewer attempts to capitalize on certain plays, as the Eagles only had two penalty corners to the Tar Heels’ eight.

BC’s conference play seems lackluster so far, with two losses in a 5-4 overall season. To face these tougher opponents, the Eagles will have to work on both sides of its game. But Leah Settipane, the hero of the field hockey team, should keep doing what she’s doing.

Featured Image by Emily Fahey / Heights Senior Staff

September 27, 2015

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