Voices from the Dustbowl

‘What Makes This The Time To Be Alive?’

In this edition of ‘Voices From The Dustbowl,’ we asked students what they thought made this the time to be alive.

“The world is changing a lot, I think that people are becoming a lot more opened. New ideas are sprouting everywhere.” — Caitlin Guthlein, MCAS ’18


“There’s a blood super moon tonight. It won’t come back for 30 years.” — Derek Xu, MCAS ’19


“It’s the age of technology, the world is moving at a fast pace and we are a part of it.” — Collin Piti, CSOM ’19


“Family and friends.” — Ryan Leary, CSOM ’18


Featured Image by Margaux Eckert / Heights Staff

September 27, 2015