TU/TD: Halloween Weekend

 Thumbs Up

Tours Going Through Bapst – If you’re a tour guide, and you’re looking to do your job correctly, there can be nothing better than taking your group through the Bapst Art Library—most importantly, through Gargan Hall. There are few moments during a tour that you can so succinctly say, “Look at my school! Look how great things are here!” For Boston College students studying in Gargan Hall when the tours walk through, you might be met with varying levels of disgust at the disturbance, or nostalgia at the days in which you were still touring schools, completely unsure of what the future was going to hold for you. Work on the side of the latter. And, even a step further, when those parents whip out their enormous phones, iPads and cameras that they barely know how to use, make sure you make a funny face for the picture. If you spend enough time in Bapst, and make enough funny faces, your legacy will live on in so many households across the country as “the kid” in that picture.

Halloween Is Here –  After almost two months at school, things on the weekends can get repetitive, annoying, and flat-out boring. Parties blur together to an amalgamation of Justin Bieber’s terrible music, low lighting, and too many bodies pressed against one another—to many repeated lines of, “Where’s the beer?” “Do you want to leave?” and “It’s too hot.” Halloween always comes around at the perfect time to shake things up, and this year, it’s on a Saturday. That means that for three nights—Thursday, Friday, and the formidable Saturday—it’s going to be madness on and off campus. For as many cats and Hawaiian tourists that there’ll be, there will be clever group costumes that will make you appreciate the nights even more, even if some are repeated (keep a close eye out for the general themes and plays on: Netflix and chill, Scream Queens and new Star Wars characters). Add in the fact that there’s a home football game this weekend, too, and you just have a recipe for the change in the social scene that people are going to be looking for.

 Thumbs Down

BC Football –  Here’s hoping they actually pull it together this upcoming this weekend when they get home. Weren’t we supposed to be good this year or something?

Midterms, Ad Infinitum –  Now that they’ve started, they’re never really going to end. You thought they were. You thought you just had to “get through this week” and then you’d be golden for some breathing room. But nope, that’s not the case. The thing is that there’s always going to be a big paper, or test, or group project coming up, and there’s no escaping until you go home for Thanksgiving Break. Buckle up.

Featured Image by Drew Hoo / Heights Editor



October 28, 2015

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