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Weaves Weaves “One More,” Frankie Cosmos Sings “On the Lips,” and More in Singles This Week

Frankie Cosmos, “On the Lips” from Next Thing

Understated and subtle, “On the Lips” offers a glimpse into how seemingly ordinary music can still be remarkably beautiful. The guitars are simple and accessible to even those just starting to learn the instrument. Lead singer Greta Kline’s hushed vocals and musings of the achingly wonted come across as special.

Audacity, “Hypo” from Hyper Vessels

3.5 stars

Audacity is a California punk band that you’d just as likely see play in a basement than any  proper venue. Released ahead of its upcoming album Hyper Vessels, “Hypo” comes across as heavy and wickedly feral. It’s a jumble of youthful bus rides, teeming anxiety and unadulterated power.


Weaves, “One More” from Weaves

3.5 stars

Weaves are an emerging four-piece from Toronto, CAN. Its new release “One More” buzzes along until it ultimately breaks down into a tangle of noise and disorder. To this end, the guitars are simultaneously precise, melodic, and unruly. The whole song is just seconds away from coming totally unhinged.

Featured Image By Double Double Wammy Records

March 16, 2016