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Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” Emulates Rocky With Showdown Music Video

In Imagine Dragons’ latest music video for their hit “Believer” the famous Dolph Lundgren or Ivan Drago fights the lead singer of the band, Dan Reynolds. The two fought with all the strength they could muster in the ring and appeared to hold nothing back. The lead singer looks quite a bit like the famous fighter. This could be coincidence, but it could also be a representation of the singer as the other fighter, fighting himself instead of believing in himself.

Employing striking visuals and making use of bright colors and flashing lights, the video is a lively, colorful interpretation of the track. In addition to the colorful atmosphere, there is a highly advanced technology at work throughout the video. Displaying the DNA structure and the outline of the human body, there appears to be a scientific undertone to the fight that is about to take place. The video appears to take place in some type of dreamlike or outer space location, which adds to the futuristic feel.

The video also features members from the band performing on their instruments in the background surrounded by flashing colors. Although equally strong and meaningful, the band and the music stand as a backdrop to the storyline of the fight. These parts offer a narration to the struggle displayed in the boxing match and are a supportive force to the struggling singer in the fight.

The music video will demand that audiences watch and pay attention. There are so many nuances with the visuals and the acting that there is more to the story than meets the eye that come to light after watching the video a few times. There are so many meanings that can be pulled from the video and will be relatable to a wide audience. Imagine Dragons and Rocky fans alike will be intrigued and captivated.

Featured Image By Interscope Records

March 15, 2017