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Foo Fighters, Astrid S, and JP Cooper in Singles This Week

“The Sky Is A Neighborhood” by Foo Fighters

Released on Aug. 23, “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” exhibits the chaos of the universe and its occupants in a collision of harmonic and simultaneously discordant sounds. The steady melody of drums among abrupt strums of the electric guitar meld with gruff vocals to convey the tumultuous nature of the cosmos and our relation to it.

“Think Before I Talk” by Astrid S

Newcomer Astrid S released single “Think Before I Talk” and instantly enveloped listeners with her uniquely angelic vocals and earnest lyrics about regret over a shattered relationship. Coalescing xylophone-esque sounds with soft pop, the song accomplishes a gentle yet contagious tune capable of lifting the Norwegian pop singer into stardom.

“Wait” by JP Cooper

“Wait” by JP Cooper assumes the role of the latest indie-pop hit with its soothing yet uplifting vibration. The “September Song” singer’s crisp vocals charge smooth acoustic accompaniment along with claps reminiscent of folk music to communicate a message of remaining loyal to a romance despite the time and tribulations.

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August 30, 2017