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Investment Guidelines Still in Effect, Contrary to BC Webpage

A subdivision regarding investing endowment funds ethically appeared on the Boston College endowment webpage in 2016, but does not appear now. Pointed out on Facebook by a student last week, this apparent omission raised eyebrows among some students, who suggested that the University no longer followed these guidelines.

But despite their absence from the site, the guidelines are still in full effect.

“The University is engaged in a web redesign effort that began in 2015,” University Spokesman Jack Dunn said in an email. “The Ethical Investment Guidelines remain in full effect and will likely be a component of the new Treasurer’s Office website when it is launched.”

In 2016, BC provided more disclosure into its practices online.

“In the management of its investments, Boston College reflects the ethical, social, and moral principles inherent in its mission and heritage,” the page read. “In particular, the University is firmly committed to the promotion of the dignity of the individual, personal freedom, and social justice.”

At this time, the webpage solely describes the mission of the endowment to support the long-term operations of the University, as well as programs and activities like financial aid, faculty chairs and research funds, and student formation programs.

It is standard practice among institutions of higher education to follow ethical investment practices to strengthen the student experience, as evidenced by countless universities, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Southern California.

Steven Everett / Creative Director

Featured Image by Taylor Perison / Heights Staff

February 5, 2018