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Landry, Defense Shine at Boston College Pro Day

With more than 20 pairs of NFL eyes locked on him from 40 yards away, Boston College football’s Kamrin Moore remained still on all fours. The senior cornerback adjusted his position on the 10-yard line once, twice, and then a third time before ultimately standing right back up to shake out the jitters. Eventually, Moore got back on the hash marks and, this time, blazed past all the scouts in under four and a half seconds.

Of the eight Eagles to participate in on-field activities during the team’s Pro Day, seven ran the 40 yard dash. Moore, Charlie Callinan, Gabe McClary, Noa Merritt, Thadd Smith, Isaac Yiadom, and recent graduate Patrick Towles each took a turn in the race against the clock. The one man not to participate in the drill? Harold Landry.

The senior defensive end may not have ran the event’s most exhilarating drill, but he stole the show in every other area. Landry and Merritt participated in individual lineman drills toward the end of the session, and each time, the North Carolina native drew more attention toward himself. While Merritt certainly held his own in each activity, his presence also represented a standard that showed just how athletic Landry really is.

Landry looked more like a tight end than a lineman as he performed agility and footwork drills, leaping and high stepping over padded obstacles with ferocity. Only in one drill did Landry slip up: a ladder-like agility drill in which he tripped and crashed hard to the ground. He appeared to twist his ankle—a sore sight considering the senior missed four games this past season due to an ankle injury. Wednesday afternoon though, Landry got right back up to try the drill again, as if to prove he is now 100 percent healthy, something he stressed during post-workout interviews.

One motivator for Landry and Merritt during the Pro Day was Brendan Daly. The New England Patriots’ defensive assistant was heard barking out at his guys during drills, and it was clear that he has been very impactful in the careers of the two four-year standouts.

“He’s a very intense guy,” Landry said. “I definitely could see the culture of the Patriots within him.”

Landry will be hoping to hear his name called early on April 26, the first day of the NFL draft. One Detroit Lions scout took significant interest in the senior, and it would be fitting that with the 20th pick in the draft, Landry would end up rejoining his former defensive line coach Paul Pasqualoni in the Motor City. Still, it’s possible that one of the top-ranked defensive linemen in the NCAA is expecting to be selected even sooner.

“I’m excited for it all,” he said. “I won’t get too into it, but it should be a good day for me come draft day.”

Joining Moore and Landry in defensive drills was Yiadom, an NFL hopeful who, unlike Moore, didn’t enter the day on the draft bubble. Yiadom has seen his draft stock rise dramatically in the past year. The cornerback spent three solid years on the Heights before exploding for 53 tackles and seven pass break ups in 2017—the second most on the team. The lengthy 6-foot-1 senior proved his height—above average for many cornerbacks—was not a significant concern. Yiadom looked good running the 40 yard dash, and he was able to get low and show excellent quickness during cone drills.

Moore and Yiadom led a secondary that was ranked third in the nation in pass efficiency defense. The two’s futures in football are currently up in the air, but with the spotlight honed in on them, they each performed marvelously. While Yiadom is currently projected as a third-round selection in the draft, Moore is just hoping to make an NFL roster and is expected to be taken in the sixth or seventh round. Although the two have different styles of play, both took the time to express what they found to be one of the most fascinating parts of their journey towards the pros, specifically mentioning a certain NFL head coach.

“Even at the combine I’m walking right next to [Bill] Belichick,” Yiadom explained. “I’m like, ‘Dang!’ It’s crazy.”

Moore expressed the same sentiment saying, “I definitely got a little starstruck when I saw Bill Belichick for sure,” before adding a laugh.

Whether or not the decorated New England coach ends up giving either defensive back a call, both players will certainly be happy to hear from any of the 32 coaches that can make their NFL dreams come true.

Not to be forgotten is Smith, the senior wideout who fired up his younger teammates standing on the sidelines after sprinting the 40 at what had to have been the fastest time of the day. Smith had some highlight touchdown plays this past season for BC, and his speed and athleticism alone could allow him to squeeze his way into an NFL training camp.

Wrapping up each drill was Towles, a familiar face at a new position. The former Eagles quarterback was practicing with the Houston Texans under center as recently as last year, but he took snaps at tight end on Wednesday. The Kentucky native may not have had the fastest times or shown the most athleticism, but his heart was there. Towles will not be taken in the draft this year, but the position switch will allow him to rejuvenate his football career and perhaps make a name for himself in the summer as a body on an NFL practice squad.

Featured Image by Kaitlin Meeks / Heights Editor

March 22, 2018