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Hearing for Sorkin Delayed Again

Michael Sorkin, CSOM ’21, the student accused of vandalizing Welch Hall with racist epithets last December, has had his arraignment delayed again until March 25, both in Suffolk and Middlesex County, according to Boston College Police Department Chief Bill Evans. This is the fourth time Sorkin has had his arraignment delayed in Suffolk County and the second in Middlesex.

Sorkin is charged with destroying property and falsely activating a fire alarm in Walsh Hall, which is located in Suffolk. Charges have not yet emerged in the Middlesex County case, where Welch Hall is located. The public BCPD blotter released when Sorkin was arrested noted that a hate crime was committed in Welch—if Sorkin is charged with committing a hate crime, that would be a part of the Middlesex County case. If Sorkin is charged with resisting arrest, that charge would be heard in Middlesex as well.

Sorkin remains on summary suspension from the University, which he was put on after his arrest. A stay away order is still in place, barring Sorkin from coming to BC’s campus, according to Evans.

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February 18, 2019