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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Spring Break

Thumbs Up – L.A.: It’s another day of sun! Thank God some of your friends go to USC. Hike in the Hollywood Hills, tap dance with Ryan Gosling, eat your weight in açai bowls and avocado toast, and go to Disneyland!

Thumbs Up – Home: Someone to do your laundry, free food, and your pets. To be honest, you miss your parents, and maybe even your siblings. Good thing Spring Break is only a week, though, because that’s about as long as you can stand to be in the same house with your family.

Thumbs Up – Curaçao: Like Amsterdam, but make it island. With cute, Dutch-inspired candy-colored buildings, beaches dusted with powdered sugar, and water the color of, well, Blue Curaçao—who wouldn’t want to spend their break here?

Thumbs Down – Montréal: Why would anyone spend their Spring Break somewhere colder than Boston? Why would you purposefully surround yourself with more snow and negative temperatures? For the vin? Non. Not Boston College students. Bon voyage les buvant(e)s.

Thumbs Down – Florida: A weird place all around. Where else would Robert Kraft’s recent headlines have come from? The beaches are nice, and sure, their version of Disney is what childhood dreams are made of, but any news articles that come up out of the state should probably serve as ample deterrent.

Thumbs Down – Ohio: A state of rest stops. All the cities start with “C”. It’s also in between two mediocre states. It borders the worst Great Lake. Their flag is not even in the shape of a rectangle. There is actually nothing to do here. Please do not go to Ohio.

February 24, 2019