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iEdit: Eamon Laughlin’s Playlist Delivers Virtual Hug

When I asked Éamon to send me his playlist so I could finally write this, he said he was having trouble because it’s “gotta be indie but also retro.” Here, we have a classic case of being “not like the other boys,” while being exactly like all the other boys who listen to Hozier. 

When I first hit play and realized I was going to be listening to Tom Petty’s “Wildflower” followed by Bon Iver’s “Holocene,” I was worried this playlist was going to be an all-out cry fest, which would make sense because Éamon and I both enjoy seeing songs like “Lookalike” by Conan Gray in concert (and yes, we recently did do exactly that). Luckily, the playlist starts to pick up with David Bowie’s “Heroes.” Honestly though, would anyone expect a playlist by Éamon to not feature David Bowie?

The second half of the playlist is the ultimate angsty teen mix, but in a “walking through campus late at night feeling existential” kind of way—an activity that Éamon excels at. Finally, the playlist ends with “Jackie and Wilson” and “Vines,” which even though they are vastly different, come together to create an ending that is somehow hopeful. This playlist is meant for when you need to reflect on the bad and the good, and then it makes you go hug your friends. Speaking of, where is Éamon?

January 21, 2020

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