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BC Softball Drops Tightly Contested Battle of Comm Ave.

Boston College softball stepped on the field on Tuesday afternoon hungry, looking to get back in the win column to end its three-game losing streak. The diamond iteration of the Battle of Comm. Ave. was determined by only a few tiny errors that left major damage, and the Eagles fell to Boston University 3-2 at home. 

BC pitcher CC Cook had a stellar game both offensively and defensively. Cook got on base twice on two at-bats and found home plate for one of the Eagles’ two runs. Offensively, she kept her energy high and pitched strike after strike, allowing just five hits total. 

BU did its best to hold the Eagles off of the bases by putting three different pitchers in the circle. BC started the game with five hits in the first four innings, but when the Terriers’ Allison Boaz entered the circle, the Eagles started to struggle. For the rest of the game, the Eagles only got one player on base, and it resulted from an error. 

Despite finishing the game with a fourth straight tally in the loss column, the Eagles came out hot in the first inning. Cook faced and retired three batters in the top of the first inning. 

With aggressive baserunning and lethal batting, the Eagles drew blood first in the bottom of the first with a hit, sacrifice fly, and RBI, resulting in leadoff batter Ellie Mataya crossing home plate. Mataya was in scoring position after stealing second and tagging up on a pop fly out to reach third. 

The Eagles continued their momentum through the bottom of the fourth. The recent spring weather has been a welcome change for most, except perhaps BU center fielder AJ Huerta-Lepiner. With two outs, a full count, and Cook on first, BC’s Maddy Carpe struck a line drive to center field. Blinded by the sun, Huerta-Lepiner couldn’t find the ball, scoring Cook and advancing Carpe to third. The Eagles’ aggressive baserunning and strong batting increased BC’s lead 2-0. 

The Eagles let up a crucial play in the top of the sixth. With Kate Pryor, who pinch ran for the Terriers’ four-spot hitter Lauren Keleher, on first, designated hitter Emily Gant hit a ground ball to BC third baseman Emme Martinez. Although Martinez fielded it flawlessly, she let go of the ball a little too late, throwing it in the dirt. This error not only let Gant reach but moved Pryor into scoring position on second. On one more hit and an RBI, Pryor advanced over home plate for the Terriers’ first run of the game.

The game was a nail biter in the seventh with the Terriers up to bat and the Eagles leading 2-1. Although Jenna Ergle set the tone at the plate, she made two errors in the field that ultimately cost the Eagles the game. She bobbled the ball twice on her way to make an out at first, and the Terriers capitalized on her mistakes. BU scored two runs in the top of the seventh to make the score 3-2, and the Eagles couldn’t close it out in the bottom of the inning.

Photo Courtesy of BC Athletics

March 24, 2021