Letters To The Editor, Opinions

In Response To: “Admitted BC Student Linked To Admissions Scandal”

To the Editor, 

I recognize that the article on the admission scandals and cheating presents some important information. 

However, I feel that the timing of The Heights release of this article is insensitive to say the least, and at worst, perhaps dangerous for Asian members of the Boston College community.  

In light of the recent horrific violence and hate crimes in Atlanta and other United States locations targeting Asians, this is not the moment to publish an incendiary article casting doubts on the academic integrity of Asian students at BC and across the U.S. Moreover, I thought the tone of the article was very one-sided, casting aspersions, while only giving a slight nod to the fact that the vast majority of visiting Asian students are here on their own merits, and making incredible contributions to BC and their respective academic institutions. 

At this time when many of us are encouraging BC to make efforts to be more sensitive and inclusive of marginalized members of the BC community, I think this article was a very poor editorial choice. 

Thank you, 

Priscilla Whitehead

BC Parent

March 24, 2021