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Springtime Studies: The Best Places to Go to Get Your Work Done

As spring begins, there is a new aura in the air—the sun is brighter, the weather is warmer, and students are happier. Students’ moods are immediately boosted, and they are more motivated to get their work done so that they can spend their time outdoors. With this, it is important to make a change in scenery and find new study spots. Finding a new place to study on campus can allow one to form a new schedule, find inspiration, and gain motivation. Here are some places that Boston College students can easily access to change up their routine … 

If you would like to stay outdoors on campus … 

If you would like to be outside while remaining on campus, BC has many places to do so. Some of the most popular places include the quad outside of Gasson, Stokes Amphitheater, and the outdoor tables at Hillside and Lower. Some places that have become increasingly popular include the lawn outside of the Robsham Theater, the outdoor tables at the entrance of O’Neill, and the grass areas near the Upper dorms. As a freshman, I often did my easier work while enjoying lunch with my friends on the steps of Stokes when the weather was nice. But, the areas with outdoor tables are better for getting more difficult and thought-provoking tasks done.   

If you want to be indoors on campus … 

If you prefer to stay both on campus and indoors, there are several places you can go. Due to the pandemic, BC has designated certain classrooms as spaces to take online synchronous classes. Some hidden gems include the Stokes bridge and the tables near the main entrance of McGuinn. Additionally, the dining halls have become hot spots for students to get their work done while grabbing a GET Mobile order or a meal. Popular dining halls for studying include Hillside and Addie’s in Lower. My favorite place to go in the morning is the Rat, as it tends to be quiet in its earlier hours and has a wide variety of coffee options. 

If you want to grab a bite while you work … 

With more indoor dining becoming available, cafes have become increasingly popular homework spots. Just an easy walk or bus ride away from campus lies Fuel America on Chestnut Hill Ave., which aside from coffee, sells various breakfast items, smoothies, salads, and sandwiches. Similarly, located just past Newton Centre is Pressed Cafe. Pressed has a wide variety of foods to choose from, including gluten-free options and a vegan menu. Lastly, Caffè Nero is a chain that has several locations throughout Boston, including in Brighton, Brookline, Washington Square, Allston, and even Newton. Its menu includes coffee and breakfast items, with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options also available. My personal favorite cafe is Pressed Cafe due to its phenomenal meals and beverages as well as its upbeat ambiance. With music playing in the cafe and socially distant tables with plastic barriers both inside and outside, it’s the perfect place to have a great study session while remaining safe.  

If you are adventurous and want to spend time outdoors … 

With the weather entering the ’60s and ’70s, it is the perfect time to sit outside and read a book or pull out your laptop! First and foremost, the most well-known outdoor spaces in Boston are Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden, where there are countless places to post up. Additionally, cafes with outdoor seating are great places if you require Wi-Fi or need to do work on your laptop. Nearby cafes with outdoor seating include Pressed Cafe, Tatte Bakery & Cafe, Cafe Luna, and Cafe Landwer.  

If you like a traditional study atmosphere … 

Lastly, if you are most inspired by traditional study atmospheres, the libraries may be the place for you. Looking on campus, Bapst Library is ideal for absolute silence and a great place to get focused. If you are looking to work with others, O’Neill is the perfect place for collaboration. Some other hidden gems include the BC Theology and Ministry Library on Brighton Campus, Fulton Library, the Social Work Library in McGuinn, the Gasson Commons, and the nursing lounge in Maloney. My favorite place as of late has been the nursing lounge, which includes a lot of booths and is overall a very quiet place to focus. 

Featured Graphic by Meegan Minahan / Heights Editor 

April 20, 2021

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