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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week Of Oct. 4

Thumbs Up

  • Family Weekend:  
    • Family Weekend was a wholesome display of just how much energy Boston College students, parents, and alumni bring to campus on game day. Family Weekend felt like a warm hug from the entire campus, and it proved that the undergraduate population can sit through an entire football game, plus overtime. 
  • Sympathizing with the sick: 
    • Speaking of community, another display of BC’s unity is the camaraderie of sick students. As the tickle ravages through campus, roommates in quads, eight mans, and even the valiant knights in Roncastle alike are facing an attack on all fronts in the thick of the Russian winter. And yet, instead of pointing fingers, there is a collective understanding that in the same way we rush the field together, we also sympathize with the effort it takes to suppress a cough in a 9 a.m. class.

Thumbs Down

  • Doors on campus: 
    • Looking for dinner and a show on campus? Search no further than the doors outside of Lower, where you can see anyone attempting to enter awkwardly by yanking at the handles in a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers battle that ultimately ends with other students quickly shuffling behind to avoid the losing fight.  
  • Lost water bottles: 
    • Long ago (last semester), comfort water bottles were commended as a huge thumbs up, and this status still remains true. But, as dearly beloved as they are, water bottles are forgotten and left behind far too often. Hydro Flasks, S’wells, YETIs, and Nalgenes clutter the Rat, O’Neill, and various locations on campus like pockets of the Island of Misfit Toys. This thumbs down is not to encourage randomly adopting a water bottle (Please do not do that for the sake of UHS), but to remind you to pick up your travel buddy and not to leave it behind! 
October 3, 2021