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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Jan. 31

Thumbs Up: 

  • Late Night Cravings Satiated Once More
    • As Boston College students wait in anticipation for that fateful day when all of BC Dining’s numerous locations will be fully staffed and ready to go, there is one consolation keeping things moving forward: the return of Late Night to the Rat. Juicy mozzarella sticks, tender chicken strips, and the frenchest of fries were all available once more for those midnight munchers looking for something not-so-fresh, but very fried, to satiate the cravings that unwanted packs of dorm room oatmeal can only dream of satisfying. 
  • Winter Wonderland 
    • All is merry and bright when Gasson Hall is covered in white. The blizzard that blew through BC starting last Friday night and lasting all through the next day on Saturday left the campus blanketed in a soft, white, VSCO post–ready layer of snow. Students could be found crowding the hills around campus, blasting music, packing down snow to make makeshift ski jumps, throwing snowballs, and enjoying the beauty that is BC in a winter storm. There’s nothing like a bomb cyclone to bring BC students together for some core memory making. 

Thumbs Down: 

  • Not So Kickin’ Popcorn Chicken 
    • Veteran dining hall-goers know the power that a perfectly puffed, crunchy piece of popcorn chicken has to elevate an Eagle’s Nest bowl or salad to its status as a top tier meal. The power of the chicken is so great that even a simple bowl of popcorn chicken has the potential to be a meal on its own. Those who know, however, have recognized a dramatic shift in the quality of the chicken from its usually beautifully breaded, tenderized state to something completely unacceptable. Soggy and nasty, the situation with the chicken must be rectified in order to restore the BC Dining experience to its former glory. 
  • Student Scalpers 
    • On any given weekend in a city like Boston, events requiring ticketed admission abound—creating the perfect pathway for shady student scalpers to buy up tickets for popular events and then hike up the prices to the nth degree. Last Friday, for example, popular rapper Fetty Wap was slated to make an appearance at a highly frequented venue in Boston. Tickets were gone in a heartbeat, but only later did students realize that a certain incoming blizzard might put a halt on their plans to actually get into Boston. Suddenly, student resellers were re-listing their tickets at ridiculously marked up prices, making the event almost as unattainable as it was when tickets were sold out.
January 30, 2022