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Ashe, Camila Cabello, and Alice Merton Release Singles

“Another Man’s Jeans” by Ashe


Indie pop singer Ashe released her long-anticipated single “Another Man’s Jeans” on March 4. The musician first found widespread success on TikTok with her hit “Moral of the Story,” which garnered 365 million streams on Spotify. 

After the release of her first full-length album, Ashlyn, in May of 2021, fans have patiently waited for a new hit from the singer. “Another Man’s Jeans” was worth that wait. 

Ashe addressed her followers in an Instagram post that described her hopes for the message in the new single.  

“I hope this song normalizes confidence… I hope you own your power and own your choice,” she wrote in the post.

The song oozes confidence with its lively beat and vivacious lyrics, and Ashe experiments with different types of percussion to augment the already richly textured and layered sound. The lyrics support the playfulness of the piece, as Ashe sings about freedom in a relationship and having a good time. 

“Alright, here’s what I’m not saying / ‘Let’s get back together’ / All I’m saying is for one night / And one night only / We can have ourselves a little bit of fun,” Ashe sings. 

The song is the perfect vibe for a summer drive and the perfect tempo for a strut around campus. 

“Bam Bam” by Camila Cabello ft. Ed Sheeran


In anticipation of her new album Familia, Camila Cabello released her new single “Bam Bam.” The singer partnered with Ed Sheeran to deliver a Latin-influenced track with a lighthearted, cathartic feel. The lyrics are a hopeful reminder that life goes on despite hardships, as Cabello sings about recovering from heartbreak. Sheeran contributes a verse and harmonizes seamlessly with Cabello’s smooth voice in the catchy choruses. The song blends a percussive beat with strong vocals from both artists to produce a perfect summer anthem. 

“Same Team” by Alice Merton


Alice Merton released the new single “Same Team” on March 4 from her upcoming sophomore album S.I.D.E.S., which comes out on June 17. The track features a hard-hitting beat supplemented by Merton’s powerful vocals. She recounts a tale of heartbreak and revenge, singing “I broke all our promises / And I evened out the score.” Though the song features a powerful drum beat and harmonic instrumentation, there were a few moments where the lyrics felt a touch too simplistic and didn’t match the powerful instrumentals. 

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March 20, 2022