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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of April 4

Thumbs Up: 

  • Jeopardy! Answer Fame
    • Boston College students, alumni, and fans alike should have felt extremely confident in their answer to a certain Jeopardy! question on Thursday. Arguably BC’s biggest claim to fame to date is now having been the answer to a Jeopardy! question. The combination of the words “Chestnut Hill” and “Jesuit” are enough to send anyone with even a mild connection to BC into an excited frenzy, and yet, perhaps the Thumbs Down of the week should be that not one single Jeopardy! player was able to successfully answer the question. 
  • 21 More Days of Class
    • As of Sunday, there are 21 more days left of actual classes in the school year. Including weekends, there are 33 days until the end of the school year. And overall, there are 45 days until school is officially over for the year. Soon we’ll be at Easter Break, then Study Days, finals, and off on our respective, well-deserved summer vacations. Like an eagle, time flies when you’re at BC— make the most of your on-campus time because it’s a guarantee that you’ll be begging to come back as soon as you leave.

Thumbs Down: 

  • No Silverware in Dining Halls 
    • There comes a point during dinner hours at each dining hall on campus when silverware becomes scarce and students are left scrounging for ABD (already been dispensed) utensils from ever-growing piles underneath the green dispensers. While there will always be at least one fork left if you’re willing to look hard enough, for those students looking to go a little bit greener in their daily lives, they’ll be hard-pressed to find some reusable silverware left to fuel their sustainable dreams.  
  • Building Lights Turning Off 
    • When the lights blink in Stokes at 10 p.m., students know it’s time to pack up their essays, erase the boards they’ve covered in equations and graphs, and trek back to their dorm lounge or the library to continue their often caffeine-fueled study session. But those moments in transition to the next study spot are precious moments lost, breaking the very necessary concentration required to churn out a 10-page paper and a 40-question problem set all in the same night. 
April 3, 2022